All You Should Know About Migration Agents.

17 September 2019
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Do you intend to move to or visit another country? A migration agent can help you acquire travel and migration documents to ensure your stay is legal. Read below to learn more about migration agents.

Why Do You Need a Migration Agent?

Visa application can be a complex task. Migration agents make this easy for their clients since the agents have a wide berth of knowledge on visa applications. They also have long-term relationships with immigration officials; hence, they can easily inquire about the status of your application. Although your migration agent cannot guarantee the success of your visa application, he or she improves the probability of acquiring the visa.

What Is the Work of Migration Agents?

Once you visit the agent, he or she will evaluate if you qualify for a visa to your host nation. For instance, people who would want an Australian visitor's visa need an invitation letter from their host or hotel booking documents for the period they intend to stay. They also need to submit their financial records to prove they have sufficient funds to sustain their stay. They also usually undergo medical tests to ensure they do not have infectious diseases such as TB.

Once the migration agent ascertains that you qualify for a visa, he or she will organise the required documents and submit them to the immigration department. As they await processing, he or she will advise you on how to conduct yourself to avoid visa revocation. For instance, an Australian visitor visa may be revoked if you are accused of a crime or if you are found living in the country with an expired passport.

If your application is revoked, the migration agent will either re-apply the visa or lodge for an appeal with the immigration department.

How Can I Choose a Migration Agent?

Below are tips to help you choose a migration agent.

  • Work with licenced and qualified agents. For example, Australian migration agents must be licenced by the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).
  • Work with a reputable and experienced agent. Use social media and testimonials to evaluate the agent's reputation.
  • Do not commit to an agent who takes too long to respond to your inquiries.
  • Look for an agent who is reasonably priced. He or she should provide you with a contract detailing the cost of the various services he or she will provide.
  • Ask for a copy of the agent's terms and conditions. Avoid agents with unreasonable terms.

A migration agent is your best bet when you require a visa to another country. Work with reputable agents who exhibit a high degree of professionalism.