All You Should Know About Migration Agents.

17 September 2019
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Do you intend to move to or visit another country? A migration agent can help you acquire travel and migration documents to ensure your stay is legal. Read below to learn more about migration agents. Why Do You Need a Migration Agent? Visa application can be a complex task. Migration agents make this easy for their clients since the agents have a wide berth of knowledge on visa applications. They also have long-term relationships with immigration officials; hence, they can easily inquire about the status of your application. Read More 

How to Configure a Classroom for Maximum Efficiency

10 November 2018
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As the population continues to grow, Australia's school system has begun to creak at the seams. The number of children in a given school district has grown exponentially in recent times, and this has put pressure on individual facilities to design a classroom space to take it all into account. It's not surprising, therefore, that much emphasis is placed on an open-plan design so that more desks can be included, and more individuals can be introduced. Read More 

The 3 Stages of a Safety Audit

25 October 2017
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If you have arranged for a safety audit to be conducted in your workplace, you may be wondering what the process will involve. Below is a guide to the three stages of a safety audit. Assessment The safety audit consultant will visit the place of work and will spend some time carrying out an assessment of the working practices. This may take the form of visual inspections of people performing their work and the checking of paperwork. Read More 

What You Need to Know about Importing Goods by Sea to Australia

10 October 2017
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If you are importing goods to Australia via sea, you will have to go through a number of different steps in order to ensure that you comply with all regulations and avoid delays as much as possible. What are the various steps involved? Points of the Journey To begin with, the shipment has to be booked onto its form of transportation from its origin and everything will then need to be cleared before the goods can be loaded onto the vessel. Read More 

Questions to Ask Your Structural Engineer About Earthquakes and Their Potential Impact on Your Building

27 September 2017
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Although there hasn't been a major earthquake in Australia since 1989, you may still want to have earthquake safety in the back of your mind if you are commissioning a building. In fact, you may even want to consult with a structural engineer who specializes in earthquake engineering. Here are some questions you may want to ask: What Do the Local Building Codes Say? When you are putting up any kind of structure, you need to ensure that it meets local building codes. Read More