Employment agencies can enhance service to recruiters

15 September 2017
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In today's economy, employment agencies play a doubly beneficial by catering to both recruiters and job seekers. Employers who engage the services of an employment agency are presented with an even greater pool of talent to select from, all within a short period of a role materializing. In the business, the employer is guaranteed to get the personnel of his choice. Employment agencies channel people with the right skills, experience and extra qualifications to employers looking for those very skills. At all instances, the employers save time as well as money they'd have spent on a recruiting department. Below are some ideas about how an employment agency can better serve a recruiter.

Consolidating applicants' information

Employment agents collect and integrate all information supplied by applicants as a basic function. The specifics such as level of education, age, years of experience and proficiency in language are managed in a consolidated database. This way, the employer may request at short notice and access a list of applicants fulfilling a particular requirement.  ta manner that an employer may request

Review of applicant information

The employment agency can retain the contact and qualification details of applicants who have failed to secure employment in their preferred field. These applicants may have exceptional skills that would make them excel in another area which is not their first interest. The agency will then be able to recommend these applicants to other employers looking for these very skills.

Polite rejection

Rather than send rejection mail directly to unsuccessful employees, the agency can arrange with the employer to handle this correspondence and dispatch in convenient times when the bad news isn't likely to hurt them. Additionally, the agency may be allowed to re-word this mail with the purpose of maintaining a good public image of the employer.

Applicant history

The employment agency can cooperate closely with the employer in the interview where the agency retains the runners-ups' contacts and special notes about their abilities. Such records may prove useful at a later date when another employer looks for workers in a similar field. This will also avail the agency with a ready record of applicants who have failed severally in interviews. As such, they may later opt to emit these names from recommendation lists offered to recruiters. The agency can also avail these records to open scrutiny of employers who at a later date may tell at an instant that the applicant has applied with them before